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Herbs - Energie

Herbs - Energie

These herbs are known for their energizing effects. Most of them can be used as tea or as incense and are available in packs of 100 grams.

  The leaves of the Piper betle plant have a fresh pepperly tase. In Asia grinded betelnut, kava kava and kolanut are often wrapped in the betel leaves. - Betel leaves
  Aphrodisiac, has an uplifting and stimulating effect, and can cause an euphoric feeling, also alters time-perception. Available in powder and in whole nuts. - Betel nut
  Also known as Sweet flag. Stimulating and uplifting, has a euforic and mildly hallucinogenic effect. - Calamus (Sweet flag)
  Also known as gotu kola. Cleanses the body, raises mental strength, and has a stimulating effect. - Fo ti tien
  Hallucinogen which improves the appetite, health and vitality. Also a sexual stimulant and taste enhancer. - Galangal
  Protects against stress and exhaustion, removes toxins from the body, and enhances the immune system. - Ginseng
  Enhances the ability to think clearly and to keep the attention focused; its effects are similar to caffeine. - Guarana
  Light aphrodisiac, has a stimulating effect, reduces appetite and improves endurance. Available as powder and whole nuts. - Kolanut
  A tasty powder from the Andes that enhances potency, energy levels and resistance. Furthermore, maca has regulating qualities on many bodily functions - Maca root powder
  Purifies the blood and stimulates the functioning of the liver. - Sassafras wood
  A stimulating drink that is still 100% organic. Contains guarana nuts, apple, black tea and citron. Your wake-up boost in the morning! - Tea WakeUp
  The traditional predecessor of coffee and tea from South America. Stimulating, energizing and purifying for body and mind. - Yerba Mate, cut herb

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  Widely and universally acknowledged as the finest of all black teas. 100% organic! - Tea Black Darjeeling


  This lavishly illustrated book follows absinthe's first use in ancient Greece to its amazing popularity and eventual banning at the turn of the 19th century. - . Absinth - History in a bottle


  This kratom, also known as Mitragyna speciosa, indigenous to Bali is used as substitute for opium. This leaves are shredded or powdered. - Kratom leaves Bali


  A must have for the real 'party and festival freaks'. It contains 8 of the most populair smoke products in an acrylic bong that is closable with a lid. - Festival Kit


  The "golden teacher" is one of our favourites. It produces very big mushrooms. The name comes from the golden color of the caps and his skills of 'teaching'. - Psilocybe cubensis "Golden Teacher"


  Amanita muscaria extract, contains 10 times more muscimol than the Amanita mushroom. - Amanita extract 10x


  The pocket-size hash press. This press is made of heavy duty stainless steel and compresses materials into a compact mass. With the inlay stamps you can press different images. - Piecemaker Pollem Press



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